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Our Services

At Park Avenue Floratique, we believe in the simple joy that flowers bring to life. Whether it's our Everyday Flowers, Roses, Orchid Plants, Weekly Accounts, or Holiday Decorations, we offer an array of options to brighten your day and celebrate every occasion with nature's beauty.



Elevate your daily moments with our stunning selection of fresh blooms, perfect for adding a touch of color and happiness to your home or office.


Express your love and admiration with our exquisite roses, meticulously selected to convey timeless elegance and romantic sentiments on any occasion.


Orchid Plants

Bring a touch of sophistication to your space with our elegant orchid plants, known for their exquisite beauty and long-lasting allure, making them an ideal gift or addition to any decor.

Weekly Accounts

Experience the luxury of fresh flowers regularly delivered to your doorstep with our convenient weekly accounts, ensuring a constant supply of nature's beauty to brighten your surroundings.


Holiday Decorations

Transform your home or event into a festive wonderland with our enchanting holiday decorations, featuring seasonal blooms and arrangements crafted to infuse joy and warmth into every celebration.